What Is A Dominican Doobie?

A lot of women who have tried the dominican doobie swear about its effectiveness in making their hair look and feel better.
But what is a dominican doobie and why is it gaining popularity?
There are different versions as to what this really is but according to experts in the beauty salon industry, it is a process done naturally to the hair that does not involve harmful chemicals. It just needs some moisturizers, bobby pins and rollers to create a full head wrap. It is said to tame even the most unruly and kinkiest hair to make it look nice, shiny, and full of body.
The doobie wrap is a perfect partner for those who are beginning to be aware of the harmful effects of chemicals on our environment. Since chemical application is minimized, it is also good for your body.
You can try to do this yourself in the comforts of your home but if you are not that confident that you can pull it off, it is best to trust the experts. If you want to get it done right, many suggest that you go to a Dominican salon. Dominicans have been known to do this type of wrap as little girls and are looked upon as the originators of this. Who would you trust to do your hair, someone who has just learned about it or one who has been doing this for years. It really is a no brainer.
Once you have tried this and see how good you look after, it is no wonder that you will keep on patronizing the same salon and be customers for life.
If you happen to live in the East coast, there are a some good Dominican beauty salons in New York & New Jersey that do the dominican doobie for you at very affordable prices. You can check out the Emily Dominican Hair Salon at 14 Elmwood Avenue, Irvington NJ 07111.
And though doing doobie is undeniably one of their expertise, they also offer other beauty services that will make your hair feel and look fabulous.